Warranty at Wangara Volkswagen


For your peace of mind every new Volkswagen comes with a 3 year/unlimited kilometer manufacturer warranty which includes Volkswagen 24 hour roadside assistance and a 3 year/unlimited kilometer transmission warranty for passenger vehicles. 


New Car Warranties

As part of AHG, when you buy a new Volkswagen from us we’ll give you the option to extend your new car warranty with a 3 year AHG warranty. This warranty starts from when the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  So if you buy a new car with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, and you opt for the 3 year AHG warranty as well, you’ll be covered for 6 years in total.

Used Car Warranties

The AHG difference doesn’t stop at new cars, when you buy a used car from us, we give you a free 3 year/100,00 km warranty (which you can upgrade to a 5 year warranty, if you like). This warranty starts when any remaining new car warranty from the manufacturer expires.